Fifth and sixth class

27/03/2017 Button Art for Sale!

As part of our junior entrepreneur programme we set up our own business, making and selling colourful button art. These are for sale in the school halla this week from 1.40-3pm. Come and have a look!

Saint Brigid’s Day Crosses


Our Digital Pop Art in the Style of Andy Warhol

img_0747     img_0777img_0588 img_0595      img_0748      img_0749      img_0590      img_0591      img_0589img_0757

Congratulations to the Girls Football Team!! 05/10/2016


The girls won both matches on Wednesday, going through to the semi-finals. Thanks to Mr. Duggan for all of his work.

Aspirational Adjectives!

5th 6th class september

Active Week

We are making the most of the sunshine this week for Active Week with tug of war, yoga, soccer tournaments, athletics, dance and more!

Athletics 5th 6th Javelin 5th 6th 5th 6th tug of war Yoga 5th 6th Soccer tournament penalties

Art Unveiling- 1916 Centenary Celebrations

5th and 6th class worked on a 1916 themed art project with artist Kathleen Moroney over 10 weeks. They re-wrote the proclamation to show what it means to them today and cast it on clay. They made the life cycle of a butterfly in clay as a metaphor for the change and transformation that took place as a result of the 1916 Rising in Ireland. The finished product will be mounted on the wall in the hallway of the school.



1916 Rising Commemoration Celebrations

20160315_180615 20160315_180908 20160315_134324

5th and 6th class learned loads about the 1916 Rising and showed off all of their hard work on Proclamation Day. There was singing, dancing and traditional Irish music. We performed our play as Gaeilge in the evening, thanks to Mr. McMahon for all his hard work on this. Our living museum was a big success too.

1916 Proclamation Re-written

5th and 6th class wrote a new proclamation with their wishes for the future of Ireland. This will be cast in clay as part of their 1916 commemoration art project due to be unveiled on Proclamation Day, 15th March.

Proclamation by Stonehall N S

Explorers Workshop – Marine Life and Biodiversity

5th and 6th class attended a very interesting workshop on marine life and biodiversity at Clare Education Centre on Friday last. They got to dissect squid as part of the workshop!

20160212_112531 Explorers Workshop- Dissecting Squid Explorers Workshop- Squid Dissection

History Projects!

5th and 6th class presented their projects on the 1913 lockout and life in the 1900s this week. They all had the chance to teach their topic to the class using ICT, timelines,  books, 3D models, drawings and posters.

History projects 1916History Projects 1916








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