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Science Week 5th and 6th Class

5th and 6th class learned about Non-Newtonian fluid in Science. It feels like a liquid when you put your hand into it but turns solid when you bang on it, like magic!

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Visit from the Army

We had a very special visit from Sergeant James  and Private Ciara on Tuesday this week. They delivered our National Flag as part of the 1916 Commemoration Celebrations. Aoife McMahon and Gavin Carey were presented with the flag and a copy of the Proclamation. Sophie Mahony read a paragraph from the Proclamation. Miah, Saoirse, Ava, Aoife, Chloe and Orla played our National Anthem on tin whistles and accordian. Some of the 6th class did Irish dancing for the ceremony.

IMG_7702 IMG_7701 IMG_7696 IMG_7685 IMG_7682


DSC_2907Fionn Crimmins with an Orignal Photographic Plate of Michael Collins

Fionn Crimmins brought in an Original Photographic Plate of Michael Collins to show the Defense forces on his 10th Birthday

Gavin Carey & Aoife McMahonGuard of honnor

Maths Week 2015

It’s Maths Week this week! 5th and 6th Class did a Maths Trail around the school. They had to collect data, use number and find shapes in teams.IMG_7713 IMG_7709 IMG_7712 IMG_7716 IMG_7715 IMG_7714