Third and fourth class

April 2016
Art Work

Friendship Flowers and Line Art.

Andy Warhol ‘pop art’

Spring Clean 2016


Planting in the garden

Music Workshop
On Wednesday April 6th we attended a Music workshop in Ennis. We took part many activities such as singing..rhythm and movements!
It was a very enjoyable day!

March 2016

1916 Artwork
We created a GPO with an diary of events for the Easter Rising.

Proclamation Day

p style=”text-align:center;”>Tag Rugby Blitz

3rd and 4th Class had a tag rugby blitz with members of the Irish Tag Team (Jim, SJ and Rosie)! A great day was had by all despite the weather and some promising new talent was spotted for future Irish teams !!

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Class Websites:
Maths website

Brainteasers!! ( have fun!!)

Science website

History Website

Geography website

Art website

Accelerated Reader Link

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