Stonehall National School is located in the townsland of Lisconnor. The original ‘schoolhouse’, which consisted of a thatched cottage, was built in 1842, on lands granted for this purpose by the Stafford-O’Brien family of Bladderwick Park. A plaque in testament to this can be found on the wall of the school grounds.

In January 1841 an application was submitted by Rev. J. Vaughan for Stonehall school to join the National School System which had been established on a statutory basis in 1831. No record exists of when Stonehall became part of this system.

Between the years 1898 and 1901 the task of building a new school was undertaken. This task was completed by many of the past pupils of the original schoolhouse with the stone for the building being carted from Kilnasoolagh. The new building consisted of two rooms. One for the boys school and one for the girls school.

In 1920 the Commissioners for National Education decided that the two schools should be amalgamated as one. This change came into effect in September 1921.

The present school building was constructed in 1961, with the walls of the old school of 1901 being retained and an extra classroom was added. A general purpose room was built in the late seventies.

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