1916 commemoration

2016 is the year which marks the centenary of the rebellion of Easter 1916, the event which is generally regarded as having led to Ireland’s independence some six years later. It is hoped that through the commemorations taking place around the country, that people will discover more about 1916 and that period in our history.

In Stonehall National School, we held a 1916 commemorative day and night. This took place after months of work and exploration of the life in the 1916 era. Different classes focused on different aspects of the era, with the junior end of the school focusing on general life and how it compared to life now, as well as school life and the various industries people worked in. There was also a focus on the various hobbies, like sport and music. Senior classes took a more in dept look into the rebellion and the people involved in it. They looked at all the leaders and names associated with the rebellion and also how it effected all the ordinary people in Ireland.

There were two specific events in school.

Firstly the army arrived in school in October and presented us with an Irish flag to be raised as part of a ceremony in March. The children performed some traditional songs and dances.

The main commemoration ceremony took place on March 15th. During the day there was a ceremony which all the children participated in by performing beautiful traditional songs and dance in remembrance of the rebellion. The youngest child in school, Jenna Downes, helped to raise the Irish flag with the eldest person in the school community, Mrs. Quinn.

In the evening all the children in the school dressed up as a character from the time. It was part of a frozen statue type evening. All children took on a character and stood frozen until money was put in their box, at which point they awoke to tell the story of the person they were dressed as. The children from juniors and seniors were dressed as children from the time and focused on life at home and in school. The children from first and second were dressed as children and adults from the time and focused on life in the working industries and also the life of the people  in terms of the hobbies to include sport (hurling, boxing etc) and music and dance. The children from third to sixth focus more specifically on the rebellion and the people involved in it. They dressed as specific named characters and also unnamed people (e.g. paperboy on street). The evening was very informative for everyone who joined us with every child having a piece to contribute. Each child spoke and explained their part with confidence and were excellent on the night. In the final part of the evening the children from fifth and sixth class took part in a drama as gaeilge based on the rebellion. They were outstanding and the hard work and effort in practice really showed on the night. Well done to all the children, huge credit is due to them.

Below are several slide shows of photos and videos of the events which took place in school.

October event; army presenting Irish flag to the school;

Commemoration event March 16th 2016

Daytime event

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Evening event

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