Junior infants had a very exciting time in their classroom when they a castle play area there. They had all the parts of a real castle there, including stained glass windows, loops for shooting arrows, a drawbridge and even a moat. They dressed up as kings, queens, princesses and knights. There was an array of dresses and suits of armour! They played with castles in small world versions also.

In art they made stained glass windows and did drawings of castles. They made swords and shields and painted dragons and unicorns on them. This led to a ferocious battle of sword fighting in their yard! A winner is yet to be declared!! They built castles from many materials such as jaggo blocks, jenga blocks lego and playdoh.

They looked at and talked about castles and their features through picture books and decided to explore the best building materials through the story of the three little pigs. they made houses from straw, sticks (lollipop sticks) and bricks (jenga blocks) and confirmed their predictions that bricks were the best building materials.

They then went on to explore how they would create the tallest castle. They experimented building castles using blocks, lego and using spaghetti and marshmallows.

The junior infants went off to see Bunratty Castle and had the opportunity to see first hand everything they had been learning, including the stained glass windows just like the ones they made. They had a wonderful trip and felt just like the princes and princesses they had dressed up as in their classroom.

The Great Battle of Stonehall !!

Enjoy the slideshow of all the activities in the junior infants classroom