Senior infants explored all the areas in Newmarket on Fergus parish through talk and discussion. It is a large parish with many different areas. Then they moved onto discussing castles and the many features of a castle. The discussed who lived in castles and what castles were. Following on from this they visited the local Bunratty Castle to really imagine what it was like to live and be part of a castle. They looked at the size of it and all the interesting features of the castle. They loved walking up the spiral staircase to the top of the castle. They pretended to be kings and queens in the thrones. They took lots of pictures of this. They loved looking out the same tiny windows as the kings and queens did many years ago. After all that exploring in the castle they knew exactly how to build castles back at school from lego. They worked in groups and pairs doing this.

What senior infants though about castles….